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28 April 2014


Book I of The Troyeville Bedtime Story ended with a recurring nightmare replete with regret.

#lesfolies welcomes you with open arms to Book II.



28 April 2014


#lesfolies says she meant every word even in retrospect.

In case you are wondering as you are wont, Dear Johannes is well and has been traveling all over ~ and his heart was taken, almost exactly like these photographs ~ of Our Tom and His Louise.

She also says I must tell you she is happy to hear how courageous you are. 

Further and more, she is thankful to her sister who came from The Wales to wake her up from such a long sleep.

With a kiss and warm home-made bread. After one hundred dark nights.


30 April 2014




All this while The Troyeville Bedtime Story was taking time out, #lesfolies tells me the children were not. Day before yesterday these four beautiful people were playing something not exactly like Cowboys and Indians, but close, under the most beautiful trees in all of that same time.

None of them know anything at all about the girls that were taken in Nigeria and #lesfolies says she did not tell them and is glad they don’t.

From left to right: Question, Siya, Nicholas and Eno.


1 May 2014


Nomqibelo's Shoulders


Nomqibelo also carries the blessed name of Martha on her head, as if it too is not loaded.

There never was work that Nomqibelo did not turn into done. #lesfolies is her Number 1 Fan for May Day, because she makes light, of every thing.





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