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Chapter Six


28 April 2013


Free present


I left your free gift on the bed yesterday. I hope it fits whoever got it and that the purple floral suits them.

There was a letter in a card. Hand written, unusual for #lesfolies, and an image of Nina Simone, with the caption ‘rebel with a cause’.



28 April 2013

Gold People

The old man and the sleep



22 May 2013

Put myself in your shoes

Martha sewed a lock of my hair into the left pocket of the jacket.

She was also said to hear it was stolen. She said you were charmed.

She is even more romantic than #lesfolies. When the flowers die she arranges them even as they wilt.



23 May 2013


An anonymous tip off alerts the Hit Man and the Chief Warden at the Troyeville Game Reserve that there is treasure in a cannister somewhere at The Troyeville Bedtime Story.

Not knowing any of the rules, we find said odd looking cannister and think it might be a terrorism incident, complete with gas or chemicals.

Also, Dear Johannes nearly gets electrocuted seeking it with his long left arm. Not knowing any of the rules we break them and take it home and study it on the dining room table.

Which is also the kitchen table. Which is also the place where treasure is conceived.

On learning the rules we complete the (short) form and restore said cannister to a very slightly different place where you can go find it without danger of electrocution. Very few people know that we have wired the Troyeville Bedtime Story for future hot water bottle use.

Visit Geocaching for more info if you have world enough and time for hide and seek across the globe


31 May 2013

Streey Artist, Anthony B.R.

About a week and a half ago, #lesfolies was wandering around in the Troyeville Bedtime Story when she found, first these worldly belongings, and then the owner of them, one Mr Anthony B.R.

She asked him if she could write about him and he asked her how that would be possible considering she knew nothing about him.

He said this while looking her in the eye the way the young Jewish man had, long ago, when he gave her the number of a yenta he thought she should call. Anthony said he was 45, originally from Mauritius but he had grown up in KwaZulu Natal, in Durban, he said, sketching yachts. Now he lives in Joburg, close to his daughter house down the road on Broadway.

Anthony made this sketch of our bed especially for us and, although she still does not know anything much about the man, she knows he is a really street artist.


22 June 2013

The earth moved for Troyeville

Who would have ever thought you could move over two years of work from one place to another simply with a red stripe and a new marker?

But you can. The Troyeville Bedtime Story is now located in the new improved South Africa.

Ish tells me that Kitchener was a bad dude and that Bezuidenhout was a farmer. I wonder who was Viljoen? He is still around that Viljoen. And so is this story.

Notice for international tourists: get off the plane, get on the Albertina Sisulu Highest Way and drive straight on that road all the way until the corner of Viljoen. Now you are at us.


4 July 2013


Mom read to Susan yesterday, after Susan told us about her life and everyone wanted to be together.

Victor Zulu brought his son Sibunelo to come and sit in the shade at the Troyeville Bedtime Story. Today.





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