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Chapter Five

Who can say in advance what an experiment will learn? #lesfolies thinks we are the Higgs Boson we are looking for underground in Cern. The universe accelerates right through us and our little tale becomes less and more significant with each fleeting moment if there is one. She has been given a license. At the very top of the permit it says Renegade.

This is the most delicious juice. It quenches thirst and comes free with disruption.


14 December 2012




28 December 2012


#lesfolies figures her feelings

do not add up

sometimes when she closes her eyes

she can see them

the way ideas come to you

look what Dear Johannes made for us

it was not easy

he said he was up on the tallest part of the trees over the bed after doing 300 sit-ups a day for weeks. he says he wishes us to be nimble. he is my really friend.



3 January 2013

Delicious Problems

Neither the Hitman or #lesfolies got much sleep last night. #lesfolies has decided to do something big every single day including editing out, and himself is having choice waking dreams. We are both intensely involved in how The Troyeville Bedtime Story is going to unfold at Gallery Momo.

We cut everything up. We put everything up. We take it down. We put it up in new rooms.

We are mixing it up and breaking rules and looking for very special thin hand made beechwood frames as a matter of urgency. #lesfolies is going to do a whole performance at the Gallery on 31st of January 2012. About waking up or sleeping she has not decided as both are also mixed up right now. If you are not there she will just visualise you and talk straight to your heart.



11 January 2013

TED was in my dream

I'm sorry officer. It wasn't me. that's what #lesfolies always says when she can't breathe. TED and her were practising reading out loud when he fell on her. And he weighs a ton and a half, I swear. You try carrying him up and down the driveway at the Troyeville Game Reserve. Then you'll be sorry. She was trying to scream for help but she was squashed.

In case you are wondering that is MY bed. I don't know what #lesfolies thinks she is doing. She has her own bed. I am going to tell her to go lie in it. She is so disruptive. Honestly.

I mean just look at her. Hyperbolic is not the word.

Thank you TED. Thank you Johannes Dreyer. Thank you everyone who wanted me to go and get all renegade in California in February 2013. I'm going. So is #lesfolies and all her kindred.

You are going to have to control that woman. She only has 9 minutes. 9. Count them.

Just don't let your sing ok. Whatever you do: do not let her sing.

And when she gets that look on her face you know she is dreaming of you.

You have to watch her like a hawk.

Ok. I'm taking over from here.

That's my TED. Got him when I was two when I nearly died and they cut my throat open without an anaesthetic because the doctor was in shul because it was Roshashona. My Uncle Ellie gave it to me. The next day, even though I had just had a tracheotomy, my mom and dad said I would not shut up for a minute. TED taught me from early on that there's no time to lose.

The #TED2013 Speaker Programme is here

That guy Kees with the duck who made me laugh for days. There's Rose George talking good shit. Shit flies around that woman. She's great. And the Beardy Man is coming! The Beardy Man! Remember him? I embedded a youtube video of him to cheer myself up after I got all romantic and sad when I found Toulouse L'Autrec's 'Dans le lit' painting. I know you remember. You and I live in some kind of synchronous neighbourhood.


11 January 2013

I love my neighbour

#TED refused to come up from the Troyeville Bedtime Story after he came to #lesfolies in a day dream, so we left him there for hours until the lights went on despite the fact that a number of our close-by collaborateurs said he would be gone when we returned.

We are surrounded by a force of good in the dementia.

Solomon could not believe his eyes. He said he needed his picture taken please to give to his dying mother next week. He said "it is the last picture" and disappeared into the hood. He got a big surprise.

TED threw all the soft grass cuttings on #lesfolies for 9 minutes to the second. Johannes timed it. He said it was replete with silences and texture, surprise, drama and great epiphanies. He is very good, this TED.

After he was very good he was very itchy so #lesfolies gave him a good scratch. For a moment, she was his tree bark. There's no place like home he said and then he burped and Johannes was polite and pretended not to notice.

Sipho came. Sipho has no home for long now except in his heart. He sleeps most nights in the park near the small green sub-station. Every night he switches the festival of lights off before he goes to sleep and winds up the extension cables and uses them as a pillow to keep his goodwill safe. I've grown accustomed to your face he said to TED.

He is also the kind of guy who hits the pillow and is gone. #lesfolies wonders where.




16 January 2013


Please come and celebrate with Johannes and #lesfolies. The latter says nicely that: I must ask you to please tell all the chinas that love The Legend on Troyeville's Left Bank, and also please tell the art collectors you know that Dear Johannes's work is not that dear, not yet. Though his eye, she says, is actually and also and completely dear to me.

There will be a limited quantity of fine wine and interesting characters everywhere on the walls and others standing on the floors talking about the ones on the walls and making eyes at each other.

#lesfolies loves creating good fortune, and this tale. She says she wonders if it is true, this exhibition.

Thank you Michael Kier for teaching me the politics of celebration and no fighting. I have to learn them both all the time.

Our neighbours, close, you know who you are, far and wide, you too: love is better than nothing, hey. Hold tight.


* The coincidence is noted. But this bear was always there and it works. #lesfolies is looking at it. She says it is telling her something and she is listening so she has to go.



18 January 2013

The memory is in the paper

after you wake up you go somewhere and this happens and that happens and then you do other things and then something else happens and you have to go somewhere and after quite a while you go back to sleep and you go somewhere and this happens and that happens

you are alive in dream

from space to place to paper

anyone who can make a decoration from a toilet paper roll and a blister pack is someone says Johannes quietly and fast

#lesfolies is inside the printer playing in the ink



28 January 2013

We have been framed

dirty teddy is under the paper at the framer

see. joe the framer is on the right. on the left is jo of the city we know and love so well.

speaking of the latter he was so happy he wanted to bring the first framed work home from The Frameshack in Booysens Reserve before it goes to the Deep North to Gallery Momo. Here it is at home in Troyeville, still in search of lost time.

and here is Martha and me reading the Top 10 things to do in South Africa this week in our most favoured Mail & Guardian thanks to Laurice Taitz who is a main character what counts. We are there on the top left with words like thrilling and most significant public art. Look at Martha's face. She says she has the right fashion for Thursday. I so hope you will be there to see.



29 January 2013


Good Garth His Own Self. Watching me reading my talk for TED2013. Oh shut up #lesfolies.

She says no. She says it's too exciting for words which is why, after the next sentence, there will be no more. Today.



1 February 2013


here is josé of

in troyeville

as a younger man

he practised photography

here is nadine hutton's beautiful photograph of josé just last night, inside the window, playing nice.



11 February 2013


before The Troyeville Bedtime Story

Gallery MOMO is the most beautiful place on 7th Avenue in Parktown North, our neighbourhood in the deep distance.

This is Khanyisile without whom life would be far less worth living.

And here are Motusi and Ernest who are respectively enthusiastic and earnest and 100% flipping amazing.

These guys are from Xcel print who made the wallpaper and put it up with such good grace in such a big hurry.

Karen and Ijeoma are upstairs with Monna and Lee. They are all far too gorgeous to show and also #lesfolies hereby admits that her pictures of them are all blurry. They were also working speedy gonzales style.




15 February 2013



come hear the story straight from the horses' mouths. #lesfolies says don't say neigh. and please bring people who don't know what to do with their wealth. we know exactly what to do with it. one of our number is the world's leading distribution agent. and every print sold keeps The Troyeville Bedtime Story uncompromising and unfolding and finding its own way forward in the neighbourhood of the world.


25 April 2013



The Troyeville Bedtime Story and it’s new Online Shop have been in beta mode for a few months which is another way of saying #lesfolies has been #lesmissing for some time. But she will never leave you. You must know that by now, even though things change. As they are wont. One thing she is sure of, is that you are in fine kettle.

After our favourite story’s world premiere exhibition at Gallery MOMO in the Deep North, #lesfolies went to TED2013 as herself, to speak about the very bed, and the high tower (the one in Hillbrow ha ha). This life-altering experience, combined with two currently unmentionable cataclysms (quite like catacombs), all contributed greatly to the busy ms, albeit sometimes the business was one of retreat and the other was and remains a desire to have foresight.



All profits made by the sale of selected photographs by Johannes Dreyer as beautiful limited edition prints on archival paper, go towards the tale and its tellers who are determined to keep the physical and the online Troyeville Bedtime Story fiercely independent.

If you are curious, like the story and the photographs, know someone who is pining for one on their wall. Or if you run a hotel and you need them all. Don’t hesitate. Just click on this glowing sentence.

#lesfolies and Dear Johannes will remember you in their dreams.

Images of our competition shops sourced from the Wikimedia Commons with thanks


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