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Chapter Four


Time transpired. #lesfolies was #lesmiserables for long and she lost her voice though the Troyeville Bedtime Story continued and  Dear Johannes was looking at her with big eyes wondering what happened. By the way nothing happened. That was the issue. Then. Sometimes the silence in a tale is more significant than all the words.     



14 March 2012

Troyeville's Lautrec

This looks like another #lesbin to Dear Johannes.

Somebody's getting in big trouble.

This happened yesterday. What's more, in the early hours of this morning, a visitor from Spain googled 'lautrec red haired' and landed here on #lesfolies's blog - on a post of the "Dans le lit" image which you can find on the family tag to the right if you are also feeling like the hot-blooded Spanish man.

Troyeville's Lautrec was here too early this morning, fixing a mouth and adding his own touches here and there.

And Troyeville's Basquiat came to visit while he was at it. And Dear Johannes told #lesfolies this visitation resulted in a whole lot of goings on that she had to concentrate on to understand and it was a bit difficult with her own goings on going on.

I wonder what is big trouble and whether you can also get a rosette for it.

To lose. To find. Evl Jon unearths lost treasure everywhere others see only trash.

In the dark in the night everywhere people have dreams shining through fear and old plastic - that a man was covered in this morning where we found him - on our way to school, fast asleep on the Troyeville Bed, with two legs sticking out. Shoes on.

Story for another day.



26 April 2012


There is a National Exotic Fruit Fly Surveillance Programme taking place immediately above our beloved bed in Troyeville, Joburg. In other words, in the tree above the Troyeville Bedtime Story. We agree: This is indeed the perfect proximity in which to survey all kinds of fruits and exotica.

We wonder what the Deparment of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries are finding out with this bucket. A google revealed many interestingly-named pdf files from that went exactly nowhere and then #lesmots got bored with that and stopped.

Dear Johannes did not see the DO NOT TOUCH POISON sign until he had inspected the surveillance equipment which you can see his hands doing right here and which same precious hands he used immediately thereafter to return said bucket to its perch. He says he further then proceeded to immediately forget to wash those same hands straight afterwards.

#lesmiserables is pleased to report that the most aesthetically pleasing man on the Western Edge of the Reserve is not dead. On the contrary. He is doing a good imitation of an Exotic Fruit Fly Himself and she is considering reporting him to the Same Surveillance Programme so that they can get him in their bucket for a close-up view.



9 May 2012

A mm or two out

That's Rafael's boot holding the frame in place. After he tested it, he decided it was a millimetre or two out - so he has taken it back into the workshop. The time frame is immaterial as our story has no dead line lying somewhere choking on a spreadsheet. #lesfolies' frame of mind is a bit out too, but then we all have our limitations. Even master carpenters have their limitations when it comes to what it might take to sandpaper her brain to a better fit.

Moral: This is why so many people tend to frame their affirmations.



25 May 2012

Once, upon a time

#lesfolies loves this. also toulouse l'autrec. the kiss, 1892.



11 July 2012

Russian Zulus

These two early blossoms in winter came to visit the Troyeville Bedtime Story this week because they are the backing vocalists in a band that was making a music video here in the Troyeville Game Reserve, Jhb. #lesfolies thinks they look like Russian Dolls.

We are intensely busy right now looking for a sponsor/s to give us what we need to make the Troyeville Bedtime Story into a Wireless Hotspot for our neighbourhood. We have a small grant from Business and Arts South Africa to install a webcam here soon - so that you can obsessively visit the neverending tale to see what new mischiefs are going on. Every 60 seconds.

We also got a famous guy who makes animal webcams helping us for nada because he wants to be a leading character. More on this in due course says #lesfolies.

By now she hopes you know that her really self auditioned for TED and that she's made it to the candidate list with another 20 South Africans who all want to go to California to spread their good ideas like home-made butter on the sandwich of international klout. #lesfolies thinks it would be just marvellous if you, your own self, would go look for her video audition here in the Joburg section and rate it. It is a short story about this very bed in Troyeville.



11 July 2012

Wildest dreams

The Bedtime Story, Troyeville, Johannesburg Photograph and Copyright, David Goldblatt, 8 April 2012

Never in her life so far did #lesfolies imagine that his own self David Goldblatt would say that the Troyeville Bedtime Story "triggered something" in him. But he did. Some time back, And today, in response to #lesfolies' ardent desire to talk at TED he sent her this photograph. Never before published. Wait till Dear Johannes sees this. He is going to plutz.



24 July 2012

Conversations sur l'oreiller ii

Juste à temps, Dans le lit, ze zigned original oui, un acrylic sur metal, conceptualisation par Chevalier en Armure Brillant, Sir J Dreyer, par l'artiste lui-même Mal-Jon, encadrée par le maître-encadreur de Rafael-Beelearts Rue.

Comment nous aimons l'amour et Henri du Toulouse-Lautrec ici Troyeville, Ville de L'or Bouffon.



7 August 2012


"The outlines of the trees were sharply reflected against the golden-blue snow as delicately as in certain Japanese pictures or in some backgrounds by Raphael. They lengthened on the ground at the foot of the trees as in nature when the setting sun reflects the trees which rise at regular intervals in the fields. But by a refinement of exquisite delicacy, the meadow upon which these shadows of ethereal trees were cast, was a field of Paradise, not green but of a white so brilliant on account of the moon shedding its rays on the jade-coloured snow, that one would have said it was woven of petals from the blossoms of pear-trees."

And my fingers bled today. The quote is from In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust.



7 August 2012



thank you



21 August 2012

Outside in the Ministry of Fabulousness

For the first time in its nearly two year history, The Troyeville Bedtime Story exhibited itself inside - at the Ministry of Fabulousness' combined exhibition in Kramerville in Johannesburg this last Saturday. For this breathtaking miracle (when a green park goes to visit a building's 3rd Floor), Dear Johannes and #lesfolies decided we needed to take the headboard with us and hang it over a girder.

Last time we moved this cast we had to roll it onto site like Egyptians. This time, we decided to use the original - and much lighter - headboard (bought for R450 in Primrose last year January and used to make the famous mould) and give it the full concrete treatment. Here you can see Rafael de Saint Beelearts and one Artwell (indeed) taking great care to make our little notion.

Here it is, hanging on steel rope that Johannes's china by name of Skilpad installed for us with the kind of good grace you only get from growing up nice. Behind it, you can see some of our proofs - which sold quite well #lesfolies advises - and are stll available at exactly R750,00 inclusive of all our dreams which is more value than all the appreciation you get in the entire global contemporary fart market.

This is the man Mr J Dreyer his own self, surrounded by celebrity photographer Sally Shorkend both of them dazzled by works by Other Artists include Merle Payne and Huge Fraser. Indeed the event was studded with stars with names like Ariane and Bieber and Hilton-Barber and Chipps, Bannister and Basson. #lesfolies thought she might die of all the good company not to mention Merle's eyes ... but when that happened Dear Johannes sent her out to buy pizza because, he said, I can also feel I am eating myself now.

The really miracle happened after lunch with an intra-planetary visitation, especially in honour of our oft-neglected inside space, by The True Gobot from the Maria Fidel Regueros Galaxy - seen here welcoming a strange but friendly alien with nice bumps on her chest.

Humans took close-up images of the Gobot for our scientists' to study how exactly to make good dads.

After this shoot, The True Gobot did his own curatorial inspection and pronounced it the most interesting site for sore eyes in his section of Our Split Infinity. The Gobot's rating increased #lesfolies bliss ratio as well as the value of The Troyeville Bedtime Story's very first limited edition prints. These (two) lay revealed on paper that lasts for a century surrounded by fragile tissue which does not last at all though in our minds it crinkles like your eyes do when you are happy to see your child.



21 August 2012

An Open Letter to Dear Johannes

my friend #lesfolies wants you to know that she is blessed to work with you. she says you have the sacred fire.

she asked me to tell you, also: she is thinking of you and your family tonight in vereeniging.

baie dankie vir alles johannes

you are the city's name



2 September 2012

Sister of another brother

zanie knows all #lesfolies words



6 November 2012


A man by the name of Michael Mamabolo saw The Troyeville Bedtime Story as he was driving into town from Eastgate Shopping Centre, one day a long time ago.

Since then he has seen it on the internet many times, all the way from Polokwane in Limpopo, South Africa, he told #lesfolies and Philski on this last Saturday when he came past, especially, during a visit to Joburg to see if the duvet was real.

To touch it, he said. He half-lay and sat on the bed and imagined who might have slept there before his long journey. He never saw #lesfolies but he did tell her not to put his picture in the newspaper. Only put it on the internet he said twice.

#lesfolies was sleeping late, a habit she finds endearing. btw in case you ever need to know: #lesfolies does not believe in waking anyone. #lesfolies is a tiger mom but she is not the one who is the tiger unless provoked by a bully though, sadly, she finds no solace in that.

I prefer to be the one who is ravaged she told me once, late.

It was a beautiful morning in the Valley and she had been waiting for a whole party touring the Troyeville Art Departments with Drew and Ish, neighbours from two other mothers. The light caught her in a dappling and she succumbed to the pleasure of a power nap before they arrived, dreaming all the while that Johannes Dear was catching flying snails and putting them in a bucket for foolhardy people from another country to eat or put down their dresses.

#lesfolies is also a hardy fool. in case you didn't notice. ha. this penchant has contributed greatly to where she finds herself generally and where she found herself on Saturday when the touring party arrived, walking along Bezuidenhout Street as if, in sunhats and determination towards their last stop at the most favoured Troyeville Hotel.


This was not the snail part of the dream. I am sure they had prawns.

When she woke up #lesfolies gazed at the humans as if they were not there. They seemed somehow to be clouds, pink and blue and beautiful ghosts, almost fifty of them, walking around with conversations in the city's east edge. In the waking up dream, she saw Drew bringing up the rear and walked, in her sleep, all the way to the main road, barefoot and hardly conscious, to go and get him and make him feel nice. He thought he might be imagining things and he probably was, as were they all. They were dreaming the Troyeville Bedtime Story and found themselves inside it, here.

After they had heard the story which included her imaginary view of the sky, #lesfolies went back to sleep and that's when Michael arrived, and Philski, who took these pictures* so Dear Johannes could see everything while nursing his wounds and longing for home.

* The Snails image arrived by sms from the most beautiful man on the Western side of the Reserve with a message to say the hand that pressed the button on the old camera was also bitten by a rat but that a new lens for the Nikon was within grasp. #lesfolies is delighted by this latter news though sorry to hear the former was a rodent.



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