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Chapter Three


Having laid our bed we make in it said #lesfolies says after the fact.  Note: she did not say we made out ~ as if. Writing on the 24th of December in the Year 2012 in the post-end era,  #lesfolies is sitting at the same window as at the beginning of Chapter One and most of Chapter Two, with a view. Our story has a way of continuing is what she was thinking to her own self when she finally worked out the new Joomla uploader so the story could indeed continue to be re-posted here in chronological order, or thereabouts because of the unfathomable. It is rather strange to go back in time, getting caught in warps while doing cut-copy-paste.

Most of this particular Chapter is devoted, as is Dear Johannes, to beautiful portraits of people who came, as if drawn.



15 September 2011


You are cordially invited to please become an eccentric / leading character (or an extra) in Joburg’s Famous Bedtime Story and have your portrait taken - by artist-photographer Johannes Dreyer - at the legendary unmade bed on the eastern edge of Johannesburg in Troyeville.

You may also use this opportunity to tell a short bedtime story of your own (or sing a lullaby) that will be recorded. Selected portraits and audio files will be featured on this blog, the AAW! Art Project Management website ( and the online resources of the Joburg Fringe. They may also be used in publicity that appears in the media, including online social media.

If you (and friends and family singly / together) would like to pose for your portrait with the bed, please consider wearing pyjamas (or whatever you do or do not sleep in) and feel free to bring your own props, accessories and ideas – though they should have something to do with how you feel about bed and dreaming. Or waking up.


21 September 2011

Rozanne from Kwela, in Troyeville

In breathless anticipation of the Joburg Fringe 2011 and Johannes Dreyer and #lesfolies enthusiastic participation, the Famous Rozanne from Kwela graced the Most Beautiful Bed yesterday. You can see a feature on Johannes on Kwela on Kyknet on the 28th of September 2011 at 8pm - that will include more interesting activity in proximity to our most favoured duvet. We are looking forward to the water pistols, kaalgat, crocheted and dimpled portraits that will be made possible by all of you over the next four days. There will be fresh oranges or something like that. And apparently there will be surprise art attacks about which even we know nothing.


22 September 2011

Once, high up, on a time

Teddy. Johannes got him for R20 per day from the pawn shop up by Appolonia Street. (Postscript: and in the end we rescued him)

Isaura Mazivile and her beautiful son Albert who was very scared of the monster Teddy but who was comforted.

Ophelia Wainwright wore very little underneath.

Francis Ngala, Shane Tlhako, Thabo Sebako and Shaylin Marks came from the flats above

Gretha Brazelle also had boots on and read the newspaper with her new retro spectacles with the red frame on the top only.

Phillippa Yaa de Villiers reminding herself.

Sicelo Sithole and Johannes Nkosi from the Engen Garage opposite the bed.

Tayo. Evl Jon's son who runs and jumps and hides and shouts and leaps and runs some more.

Here he is again with his dad.

Kwena Ramaboya and Phindi Ndlovu who came especially.

Kayla Joubert my neighbour that I just met with John Colombi and Ayanda Ogqoyi who had dark glasses on before he posed.

Agrenet Mbatha from down the road says Martha.

Anthea Moys and Kyla Davis and Tea Cup

Zenzele Simelane and Khaya Phakathi with some of the oranges we shared.

Khaya again.

Papalups Yaa de Villiers

Audrey at the End (Postscript: It was not.)


23 September 2011

In search of lost time, we found Tayo

he brought his dad

they rested

his dad had mobile artwork

tayo sorted everyone out

tayo in the artwork



23 September 2011

He said it sounded silly

when #lesfolies asked him to come and have his picture taken. he is right of course, thank goodness. we should rather be busy with more important matters. cash flow. rugby. the violence. stuff like that.

the bed though, has taken on the shape of a cardboard box with holes in it. it distracts us with sheets that cannot be found on computers. and we keep finding beautiful women inside it. with accents. and shoulder blades. there are also other things inside that bed. you can just imagine.

here above is audrey who #lesfolies has known since 1979 when you were little and she mistakenly thought she was already grownup.

you can see audrey takes her tasks very seriously. he would be impressed with her ability to put together a budget and a production schedule but thank goodness she decided not to attempt to impress him but rather to focus her more bountiful skills on johannes and #lesfolies.

and here is anthea, who #lesfolies has known for a much shorter time and with whom she has had such intense outbursts of fanciful that they were epiphanising.


on silliness: it is silly to go to eastgate shopping centre in peak hour. and it is silly to say no when you mean yes. it is just plain stupid to say yes when you mean no. but it happens. i love this project.


24 September 2011

Permanent Fixture


damien drank the material one. the same concrete substrate out of which we made the duvet. he always told us that it was the most environmentally-friendly option. or something like that. he said you can drink it. and then he did. i was not there. but he does not seem too badly affected. hey.

ag man. here he is comforting kyle. because kyle thought damien was going to turn into the headboard from the material one. but damien didn't. see.

kyle was feeling okay after that.



24 September 2011

Casual Friday

Early in the morning a slow bus came past the bed, driving politely behind the trolley pusher. Johannes made me look. Sometimes i think i can see but i don't notice the most important thing.

Troyeville's Transport Consortium gathered for portraits in their boardroom - Thabiso Mokolo, Tebogo Mpopo and Thabo Jane. They parked their trolley's in the Reserve Stables.

Ian Clarke donned his Casual Friday outfit in complete empathy.

Edward Francisco and #lesfolies are wandering what is going to happen next.


24 September 2011

The day before what we remember

Yesterday was not Heritage Day but a lot of the kids in Troyeville went to school all dressed up. Here are Sangeliswe Ceberhulu and Promise Muyeni who stopped on their way to Assembly to look Johannes in the eye. They had plenty of time until the siren.

Antoneita Gucrucaga and Aliya Mondlana were also dressed up. They came at about 9 in the morning and Johannes asked them how come they were not at school again because he knows a lot about what is going on in the neighbourhood on a lot of days not just the day before Heritage Day. They did not answer that question and so he said they must rather come on Saturday.

Sofia is not near school. She stays at home in bed and sleeps late.



29 September 2011

Breakthough evidence: Astral travel works

The Troyeville Wild Life Society published a paper today revealing scientifically explosive evidence of OBE or, as it is more commonly known, Astral Travel. According to the paper, the image included above, is the culmination of centuries of searching for proof of the phenomenon - i.e. in which the journey occurs in environments that "may be populated or unpopulated, artificial, natural or abstract, and the experience may be beatific, horrific or neutral." *

According to the lead researcher #lescompletelymiserablesbutcarryingon, she is the only being that remains unsurprised by the findings. "This is because I have always known that we will find what we want inside our dreams and this has been supported by many oracles including the ancient Runic oracle which advises that what is yours will come to you."

The evidence, i.e. the greyscale image above that was captured last weekend by the Research Team's Hit Man Dreyer, correlates accurately with the following message received by #lescompletelymiserablesbutcarryingon - from Nokhanyo-Okano Mhlana - on her Fleabook Post a few days prior to the manifestation.

"Kisses and cuddles to all of you that will be there...I'll do an astral trip and I'll be there in my spirit the joy, laughter and colour- see my smile:-)"

#lescompletelymiserablesbutcarryingon says that she is certain that the synchronous dream circumstances, combined with the views of the subject (listed on her Fleabook Info as being "Free Thought-Surfing Sangoma"), produced the OBE evidence. She would like to acknowledge and credit all the stakeholders.

* For those interested in exploring The Gistology further, it may be found here:


1 October 2011
putting the children to bed

Here is Sebastian Pienaar who came with his dad who I have known a little for a long time and who also lives close by with a view of the famous bed.

And this is Sebastian's friend whose name is José Hyman. His dad is good at music - #lesfolies has had some good dancing experience of that.

And from the flats, these kids play often with the bed and they know more about it than any of us - they are: Aliya Mondlana, Pai Gucracaga, Surprise Ndzimande, Junior Cherenta, Shawn Mondlana, and Antoineta Gucracaga

This Odin Superboy de Kock also came with his folks but was called to attend to an emergency during the shoot and used the bed as a launchpad to fly off over the city on a mission.

His locum arrived just in time to relieve him of his Troyeville Duties, the Angel Matilda Kalima Her Own Self.

Alfie Coetzee, who works at the Mercantile Bank nearby (which is a very ugly building in #lesfolies opinion though that's neither here nor there), brought his daughter Linelle (right) and her friend Amy Roy because they were nagging him because they kept being bored at the bank waiting and waiting for the dad and watching the more exciting things going on just over the road.

Here's the second Sofia, (both spelled with an 'f') who arrived in the same amount of days and who brought her mom Frances to the shoot. Frances hopes that Sofia is going to be the most eccentric of all characters in the story. She is so far.

Not counting Myer the Taub or the Teddy.



1 Ocober 2011
The Friends Francoises

himself pienaar with troyeville's vladislavic bez valley reader

enter also himself known affectionately to #lesfolies as frankie.

she also likes the way he wears his hat.



1 October 2011

The Sunday Morning Hunt

The visitor told the neighbour the newspaper was replete with stories about big men in search of beasts with teeth. The neighbour was nonplussed. He gazed towards Bezlehem, listening to the sound of traffic. Roaring.


4 October 2011

Man about town

Mark Straw leaps in his sleep and dreams of his family far away.

After his portrait session at the Outer Fringe he went to the Joburg Art Fair in his pyjamas.


4 October 2011

To Lose

There are other beds. I was just reminding myself of that trawling around, finding out about What Size Mattresses and The Better Sleep Council. I found some ridiculous text that may become useful. Then I went to the Gistologerian Enclave and found these people. "Dans le lit" Oil on Canvas. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec dated 1893. Its current home is the Museé D'Orsay next to the Seine in Paris which is not Troyeville, though it is also on the left bank. I think you will like it.


5 October 2011

One Only

one martha only in the whole world

one chili only in the whole world, with pepper


6 October 2011


Chili David Kier who reminds me a lot of his dad Michael who would not believe how big is his boy.

Daniel Zachariah Franks, Chili's first cousin who reminds me a lot of his dad too.


8 October 2011

Jin Shin Jyutsu in Troyeville

Some people you just love with your whole heart. Here is Tessa from around the corner. Michael Kier was besotted with her and could not control the movement of his mouth in her company. You could hardly blame the guy. In fact #lesfolies says that in those days of their first meetings, when Tessa came around the atmosphere in the house changed to charged and there was a lot of laughing and playing of guitars.

Some things are more important than territory, like how much love you give before you leave, no matter which persona you are using, or what you learn to find your generous. According to Tessa #lesfolies is very good at getting people to do silly things and as a reward for this she has offered #lesmiserables a session of Jin Shin Jyutsu. #lesfolies sometimes forgets that she is one of the most fortunate.



8 October 2011

Mayibuye Dalai Lama

#lesmiserables and her friend Hanli from The Valley of Happiness are busy putting on pinstripe suits and getting on the Gautrain at Rosebank to go to OR Tambo Airport to wait for the Dalai Lama. Meantime, two days ago, #lesfolies suspects it was one of the neighbours in the Troyeville Reserve who was in a similar mood when posting this sign on the bed.

Many ideas, like those that come from the Dalai Lama, inspire the makers, documenters and communities who live near the famous bed in Troyeville.

Not least amongst them are the many other bedrooms on the Reserve;

The teddy bears in their houses;

The original contemporary artwork on their walls;

The extraordinary nature of their architecture;

and their strange pets and bedfellows.



30 October 2011

Other peoples' families

#lesfolies has this sense that every one who has come to the bed has revealed themselves in a way that is usually reserved for family.

Perhaps this has something to do with Johannes Dreyer's way of looking through the lens.

It feels like he wants us to see ourselves when we feel safe.

#lesfolies loves these family portraits of Aleisha, Odin and Renier.


About longing and sanctuary: Charles, who helped us right at the beginning when we started making the bed, (to turn the pile of rubble into a strong foundation), is in detention in Lindela. He got taken away to the jail even though he had all the right stamps. He is from another country and we are trying to bring him home so he can be here with his wife where he belongs on Sunday mornings.

One of #lesfolies' grandfathers came to South Africa when he was just 13 and conversant only in Yiddish and Russian. There was no Lindela for people like him. He was taken in by a kind tailor and slept on the shop counter. Now we will all live here.


22 November 2011

The bed is black

On a lighter note on this dark day, during parliaments' vote on the Protection of Information Bill, Johannes says that "the Troyeville bed is such a media slut."

(Postscript: That is not true. The neighbour says #lesfolies has Attention Seeking Disorder)


5 December 2011

No Celine, No Guignol


Basani and Pauline reading Celine's "Guignol's Band I & II"

I wonder why that book? Not for me on this Monday morning Celine's cursed raving on about how ugly we become, how we get old, how hopeless it is.

Though I like this: Si vous n'êtes pas riche, vous devez toujours regarder utiles. And I like google translate.



12 December 2011

In my dream


you did this while i was sleeping. that was in my dream.


and you were there when i woke up. thinking i was dreaming.

the first thing i saw was stars and birds and people flying.

i told you everything from the beginning.

18 December 2011



Jen. Den. Married this year after thirty-two years of collecting tsoris. I love them. I have known them that whole time. Their bed is always unmade I swear. And they never come to visit without iced-tea the way Den makes it and they bring it in a a 10litre petrol cannister. I swear. We have good times kvetching together and making grand plans. When I look at this picture I get farklempt. They have always treated me as something more than gehockter leber. Even though I wonder. Jen is the baleboosteh of note. Den is full of rachmones.



21 December 2011

Just Victoria

just victoria. with josé. and sebastian.








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