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Chapter Two


There could never be more love says #lesfolies. Or more costume changes.

Real life is the best part I ever got and I am impersonating myself as intensely as possible. It is all for you.


19 April 2011


The picnic that never happened was so beautiful it broke #lesfolies heart in more interesting looking pieces. Martha made Emergency Scones with fresh whipped cream (#lesmiserables did the whipping) and strawberry jam and waterlemoen konfyt and the owner of Kitchener Hardware Herself came with two of her grandchildren. We had real good coffee served with the scones on a table close by to the bed, on which the most glorious duvet was temporarily installed for the non-event. (Significant Aside: Temporarily due to rain and the kind of epoxy being used not going well together ... anyone wondering where the duvet went should be advised that it is safely waiting for full sun.)

A Nimrod character who #lesfolies think lives in the outside-world on the Panorama Ridge, and who Johannes promises is really Basquiat, brought us what was left of a cupid garden sculpture as a gift. Drew Lindsay arrived all sleepy in a blanket-dress like #lesfolies had never seen and Auds and Garth were the first of the visitors that were not coming but did anyway, in their stylish white Polo and monogrammed white matching gowns and garish shoeish-slippers. They get these kinds of things because they have a penchant for overnighters at local hotels near the airport where the beds are big and there is 24/7 room service.

Garth had sunglasses on and a fat cigar to go with his other penchant for pastries they brought themselves because Auds left her phone at home and didn't get the message that we had cancelled. As did a number of other most appreciative diehards to whom the Troyeville Game Rangers are undying grateful.

We were so sad and desperate in the morning when the sun didn't come out and it started to rain on our little parade. We felt like the sky. We sent away the portable toilet. We sent sad messages.



When the redhead arrived #lesmiserables knew everything would be okay. There was always something about her freckles, and the Thunderbolt's silk pyjama pants seemed to enhance each one of them, like a decision to love.


#lesfolies thinks it was the Minister for the Most Glorious Consultation of the Complete Art Whole who brought that morning's City Press. Her and The Notorious Poet had a story inside it about women around the corner who had bravely decided to wade through floods the day before to clear the storm-water drains in the neighbourhood since our city is currently all trashed due to such and similar reasons.

It was entirely coincidental that the same paper ran a headline that morning about the now legendary bed. Damien and Johannes are not sure which one of them is the Minister of Love but they were pleased to the point of blushing furiously and #lesfolies and the M.T.H.A.F.K.R. head honcho are in turn delighted that so many really artists occupy important positions of power and media space in the current climate change.


Rumour has it that a number of neighbours, family and friends in proximity and / or spirit are curious as to why the bed is left unmade. An enquiring mind is good thinks #lesfolies. The neighbourhood children have no questions though. They can see this is their place for climbing trees and dreaming and the creases in the sheets and the Sunday-morning lazy style looks like a real home and good-at-games to them. Ishvara and Raymond concurred with luminous faces, as did Jonathan who looked dignified and as if he had stepped into our bedroom right out of another era.


Having a new view of things this beautiful boy took pictures of us while playing Tarzan:


This first one is of the Troyeville Poet Laureate aka The Notorious One and the Grivas Minister of Love and has #lesfolies' hat in it. You can also see to the top-right of the image that the local Tibetan Singing Mutt was running around in the cool breeze like a Powder Puff pretending to be a Headless Chicken.


And this second one which is how things should be and how they were on Sunday, even though you were sorely missed.


Toward lunchtime the sun came out, like it does, says Martha when we have a party in the Troyeville Game Reserve. All protocol observed. We went home for veg soup and warm conversation.



22 April 2011

Good Friday Annointment

My biorhythm metre says I am happy today but not at all intelligent.

Facts only then:

The duvet is now permanently installed on the bed. There is a burst main pipe on Fuller Street and so the reserve is without water. My dog Helen of Troyeville is gone. The biorhythm metre is not 100% accurate but there is no metric for shadows.


It is definitely Friday. And it is good that the duvet is done and rigorously tested and inspected.


There is an Open Heavens Assembly somewhere near the Troyeville Spar. It started early this morning with Annointing and Miracles and will conclude at 6pm tonight with a Chapter titled Digging Deep. They have a public address system with an echo that carries across the valley. I wonder what Digging Deep sounds like and for how long it will go on, or for how long the duvet will stay bright white which is the colour of Material One.

We are thinking about it and will experiment.

We appear to have time, though this last is as unknown as what happens when we do not. In the meantime, you can take it that I am inventing a more intimate ceremony during which I hope something soft lands on your head and takes your breath away.


25 April 2011

Feeling the water


johannes: what a moment


johannes: the white duvet has turned into a bird bath


Johannes: nogal mooi so ek dink. please enjoy the day.


26 April 2011


In loving memory of the Top Star Drive-In that used to be around the corner on a mine dump, Johannes Dreyer has awarded us with sweet, kind words and The Main Prize for "going ahead with no trepidation" on the first proposal from his sketch pad which looked something like this exactly (including the star ....)


Here is our Award which we received to a Standing Ovation and Thunderous Applause:


In bestowing the Award, Johannes's short, sweet speech included these trembling words: "I want to thank you and Damien for making dreams come true. Check how close we came to the target. I also learned, not only about cement and material 1, but also about myself and hopefully have grown from the pillow test de rorshcach."

The latter follows here:


In receiving the Award, #lesfolies was heard to say "I'm not sure how to repay them for making The Now Legendary Bed with Such Good Grace. What do you give such rich people? Perhaps supper?"


29 April 2011

When does it stop?

i have patched up the vents
i have taken beautiful portraits
the duvet is whiter than before
sweet dreams





7 May 2011



i do


miss you


the do not disturb sign on your door

is clear as the sign on the sky


this very morning


24 May 2011



Someone left this on the bed last week sometime and then Charles took it and highlighted a passage about the maths they used to calculate the date. Yesterday Johannes said he thinks they are trying to rush things and this morning Charles came to see me and said that I must not worry because we are still all going to die. Then he asked if there was something he could do for me. I said yes please work in the garden.


1 June 2011



Today I am the King of Spain's daughter, Juana of Castile. These memoirs of mine may be found in the Wikipedia:

"The story of Juana attracted authors, composers and artists of the 19th century romanticist movement with her qualities of unrequited love and moral fidelity.

Most historians now agree that she had either melancholia, neurotic depression, a psychosis or a case of inherited schizophrenia at the time, and was not insane or 'mad' as was commonly believed."

According to an ancient chinese story, a pear is a pair though each must eat their own and they should be ripe and ready and taken with relish. The juice should run down each of your chins and you should visit each other after baking them with coarse salt and some of this:



22 June 2011



Today was Zack's second day in his new furniture shop, which, after months of scouting, he finally selected due to the abundance of available square meterage. He has bespoke built-in skylights and natural features. Zack is selling chests of drawers with compartments so secret they cannot be found except in wishes.

To celebrate his new showroom, Zack is offering free Jhb city views and bottomless memories - and drawers, of course, for only R400 each. The Troyeville Wild Life Society wishes him all the best with his new adventure. If you require his cellphone number please enquire herein.


10 July 2011

The Free Spirits of Troyeville







6 September 2011

Magic Words




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