AAW! is what you say when you see hot street performance. We think artists can turn a corner faster than a property developer. That's fast. We put poetry into places. We turn dances into benches and uncomfortable places into languid.

In line with strike season in South Africa, spring inspired a group of completely morbid and depressed people to protest against the sign of a smile in South Africa.

The strike action featured some well-known names who endorsed the campaign which started in Sandton Central on 1 October 2010. There was talk of starting on the new Gautrain from OR Tambo International but the request to have fun on the train was turned down on the grounds that the person in charge "could not find a reason to say yes." Oy vey. No wonder we were striking.

A highly-placed anonymous source said "This serious strike action caused complete hysterics, while simultaneously promoting consumption, resignation and consternation among people who read self-help literature, especially targeting those who believe that deadlines are not alive and who constantly attempt to evade them."

Onlookers were warned not to attempt to make jokes as this was considered against the interests of national security and a clampdown may have been ordered if things got out of hands. There was even talk about a State of Emerging.

For some good years now artatwork has developed and managed OSS for the edge-city district, Sandton and many other places ... Flamenco dancing from Soweto. Tumbling from Alexandra. A clown with a radish in his ear from Ghent. Music from the world. Mahala (free) on the streets of the ever-increasing cool spots in summer.

In 2008, we got lucky and developed / managed an Open Stage public performance programme in Newtown, Johannesburg. Then we got even more fortunate and got to commission Ms Anthea Moys again and the Jozi All Stars.

Nadine Hutton presented The Crucible, a response to the Xenophobia attacks of 2008, which Nadine Hutton covered as a photojournalist, viewers had to enter a UNHCR tent used to house refugees of the violence.

GIBS is the Gordon Institute of Business Science, the leading business university in South Africa. Anthea Moys and Toni Morkel took a bubble bath in the campus courtyard. We are still looking for those images. In the meantime, these show an installation by Strijdom van der Merwe (made of cling foil), as well as one from another performance galvanised by Ms Moys. This was just a small part of some of the pandemonium we had fun attempting to coordinate for the inimitable Ms Moys. We dig the flea-bitten old stuffed lion. Roar.