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Anthea Moys performs Maypole Anthea Moys performs Maypole

The undoubted highlight of 2009 was being commissioned by the suits at the National Arts Council of South Africa to produce the official opening and an arts performance programme for the 4th World Summit on Arts and Culture held in Joburg in September.   The cherry on top for us was working with the inimitable playwright and director, Brett Bailey of Third World Bunfight.

The Summit, which brought over 400 international delegates to Joburg, was about addressing the myriad issues around Interculturalism, cultural diversity and freedom of expression in a globalised century where modernity and traditional culture merge whether by design or by inevitable assimilation – and the role that art can play in creating intercultural dialogue.


 The Official Opening - 4th World Summit on Arts and Culture 2009

artatwork is proud to have produced 3 Colours – A Mixed Media Event directed by Brett Bailey.  The event featured choreography by Gregory Maqoma and musical direction by Cape Town based Congolese musician, Mapumba Cilombo. The cast included the amazing nomadic band Etran Finatawa from Niger, Hlabelela Ensemble, Steve Newman, Zanele Mbizo, PK Jozi as well as Joburg’s most dynamic dancers.


Says Bailey about his production:

In making a performance piece about the complexities of Interculturalism, I chose to portray different societies or cultures symbolically, as shrines. Indefinable as they are, our cultures are sacred to us.  At the heart of each glows a unique cluster of precious jewels: our myths and histories, our heritage, our values and social structures, our cosmology and relationship to the Ultimate… In a spirit of arrogance, it’s so easy to believe that any one of these ‘shrines’ is more worthy, more beautiful – has more right to be – than another.


3 Colours was received with a standing ovation.  Many of the speaking delegates at the conference over the few days after the event referred to aspects of the show within their presentations and the production has became a topic of conversation in our arts and culture community.



Artistic Interventions

artatwork produced a series of Artistic Interventions by some prominent South African artists, curated by Brett Bailey.

Julia Raynham’s Uncertain Regard saw a chance encounter with a butcher, a construction worker and a bush spirit, giving the audience vital clues about the physiological origins of identity and difference.  The trio left the audience with instructions on how to use this knowledge.


Babel by Phillippa Yaa de Villiers was a live poetry installation featuring Thokozani – a Zulu uhadi praise singer, Myesha – an American feminist poet, Sistah – a Venda poet and Thabiso – a SeSotho poet.  All of the poets recited their poems simultaneously, creating a multilingual symphony of word.

Anthea Moys always has something theatrical, colourful and involving a lot of people up her sleeve.  This intervention called Maypole Madness, literally harnessed people from the multi-cultural communities of the Newtown area in a joyous celebration of diversity. Even the traffic officers were motivated to participate.

Nadine Hutton chose to do a film intervention called Alien Invasion, about foreigners, immigrants and people who look or speak differently - The Other. Here's a link to the film

More images from the Artistic Interventions 

Even more special projects...

Ask us. We get into making something out of the ordinary go down. March 2009 saw the launch of the Sandton Central BenchMark Commission. Two years in planning and development we finally have somewhere beautiful to sit down and eat samies in the richest square mile in Africa. You'd think it would be a bit easier. You would be wrong.

Sponsorship of the giant Makarapa for GSRAC and the French Institute of South Africa, which was worn on the head of one of the fabulous giant S.A. Guru puppets made in Orange Farm in collaboration with Les Grandes Personnes (France).

Guru puppets Guru puppets Guru puppets

These two sculpted benches are by Botswana-based Shepherd Ndudzo (carved in ironwood) sponsored by Bowman Gilfillan and sited outside their front gate, and industrial designer Gregor Jenkin (mild steel) on the corner of West and Grayston, commissioned by Sandton Central. Serious and significant people all. Watch this space for more cool places to chill out and feel welcome in the district.

bench bench

Both the two projects below present demand and response innovation to the intensification of all things soccer. The webmaster can't even talk English when she thinks about 2010 World Cup Soccer. There's a deadline ringing in her ear.

Development and management of the Gauteng Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture (GSRAC) Makarapa Commission 2007
makarapa makarapa makarapa makarapa makarapa makarapa makarapa makarapa makarapa


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