bronze creep

Budgets and bronzes creep well together. A tweet from @Suzanne_Heath in Bath in the United Kingdom somewhere, that I find highly appropriate under the current gilded circumstance across the length and breath (sick) of South Africa, motivates me to do my own crawl, whereupon within the time it takes to type google, I find this, The Boll Weevil Monument, in a town called Enterprise in Alabama.

Of course, this little mite made it all the way to the deep south from Mexico, and its proud heritage includes the complete devastation of the cotton farms that, in retrospect, the event of which the town has embraced as a herald of prosperity, because after that they all had to grow peanuts instead ~ and made fortunes.

I could get fond of this (sic) tick though - in bronze, maybe giant size, huge, massive, a mega-golden parktown prawn bridge as the entrance to Joburg or something. You drive underneath it.  We could have our own bronze cockroach to celebrate our hope that the plague of the times is a blessing in heavy disguise. The antennae could be wireless transmitters for commuters on their way to and from Pretoria. Or it could be a tollgate. That's it. An e-toll memorial. We could have a Sanral logo on it. Or the eyes could be that blue neon. Even. To remember them by.

Ridiculous video here. Nothing about slavery.

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