iSORE #1

Lesley loves eye-sores because they remind her, on very bad days, exactly why she was born. From now on you can expect irregular postings of images and texts on this here blog featuring them in all their splendour - ... so that none of us forget how completely unacceptable we find them. This, iSore #1, named after myPhone, was seen at Eastgate Shopping Centre a few days back. I am afraid shopping malls are currently not considered for neighbourhood target practice, replete as they are with men with big guns and walkie-talkies ... otherwise we might have just turned it into something more interesting. Although it does pose a serious question: Is public space where the people are? And are the people in the shops trying hard to find ways to avoid being useful by emptying their pockets for things they do not need?

Last modified on Thursday, 10 January 2013 14:27