This is not a miniature man. This is Cratefan Elliot in Cape Town. He has thousands of red crates clad

over 36 tonnes of excruciatingly beautiful steel armature that you can't even see. He is made of strong

stuff this dude. He has steel cable ties. He has giant water bottles deep inside him to keep him from

walking away, over the Fancy Grace and up Table Mountain. This is the great artist of the world,

Porky Hefer's little notion for the Olympics. And there's more to come.


If he does escape his weights, Cratefan Elliot has promised me he is coming to Joburg before he jets

off on the new SpaceShip those scientists at CERN don't even know they are making yet out of Higgs

Bosons. And because he is carrying this torch for all of us little particles.


I said for all of us. Flames of hope for a Gold. And Oscar Pistorius, if you are the one, Cratefan

Elliot's going to run to the airport to give you a big red monster hug when you come home.

I will see to it in our dreams. You are our Iron Giants you two. Porky on the other hand, is a

gentle soul. With a name like Pig how could you imagine otherwise?


Thanks to Coca Cola for opening happiness and making it possible for Cratefan Elliot to represent the

"endeavour for protection, the struggle for victory, the light of spirit, knowledge and life."

And to Robin Sprong for the images. I feel like springing.

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