On Tuesday, I went to check on Jodie Bieber's show outside the Central Methodist Church in Pritchard Street, Joburg and I found that the artist's statement and one other poster featuring images of Mozambican refugees at Lindela had been taken. Well that was not the end of the world. Dear Johannes came back from animal training (he is a natural - we knew that) and fixed it by the next morning.

We knew when we started this project for SHOESHOP that people would maybe vandalise or take images. We specially printed overruns for the occasion.

When the show was up in Hillbrow a few posters also got taken and on one day someone went and carefully drilled a few small holes in each one, but they still looked great.

When we put the show up outside the Central Methodist Church we were a bit concerned because:

- we are running out of spares

- the show is about refugees in South Africa and we were installing outside a shelter

- we installed in the reverberating aftermath of The Spear

We discussed all this and thought that there might be a more intense and unpredictable response. We decided to install anyway, in generous spirit. Yesterday morning, while I was busy learning, Johannes called to say there was nothing left of the show, save the torn poster above. A barbed poster.


By sunset it was back up. Maybe someone wanted the exhibition all to themselves. We haven't got a clue.

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