JeppeInstallationfromfar poster installed at this street spaza in Jeppe, near the taxi rank. The photograph, titled Marche Bleue is by Emmanuel Bakary Daou from Bamako, Mali. What a dude he is, a brilliant photographer and so stylish the girls were using their jackets as fans to calm down whenever he was around.

The poster caught our attention because we did not put it up but it's on turf. I said "I bet you it's Phillippa" straightaway, because it is framed in a way that has Phillippa's eyes. It looks like the house of her heart. I asked her later if it was her and she confirmed. Phillippa Yaa de Villiers is our neighbour and a brilliant writer. You can read her blog at

She went and did it nice. She has great feet for walking, and she does, with her dogs, all over the show.

Although SHOESHOP is officially over, the project just won't lie down. Maybe because even the tow-druck drivers are finding it a useful platform.