Since we had to take Jodi Bieber's show for SHOESHOP down in Hillbrow and make way for the wall owners (I ask you - what is a wall owner?) to put up their cheap chicken ads (ok, fair enough, it's their wall, business is business and they did say they did not care about what we were doing right from the start), we have been hunting a good new site for sore eyes. We decided to look in Noord Street because there are so many people there and we found more than one wall (what do you do for a living? i look for walls), that would do very nicely thank you. We tried very hard to get this wall at the Park Central Shopping Centre.


But people have got their own lives. So you go, I mean Dear Johannes goes, he meets the caretaker, you get the number for the agent, or the landlord, you write emails, you send images, you leave messages, you are kind and warm and polite. And they say on the phone that it sounds great but they do not reply and they have to pass it up the ladder - which is so high (it goes up to the sky) and they say 'i am going to phone you this afternoon' but they do not - and time comes and gives you a zets up the bum because the project is about to end and you are still busy with it, obsessed with it, learning from it.

Then you get in one of those moods. And you go out again and again, from place to play and you see things.


Drive-by scary dog, End Street.


Faraday Street Market, Faraday Street. Ha.


Faraday Street Wall. A possibility. You are not sure. You move on.


Great site. Ghandi Square. Not big enough. Not allowed to take photographs here. Security everywhere. You start talking in a fantastic hybrid French accent, very loudly, you smile at security saying tourist-tourist. They leave you alone. Site not big enough. Other side has a bank ad on it for if you're serious about money. We imagine how much time it might take to get this site. We go for a walk.


Find: recent outburst about free expression. You think it is quite very rude. You find two guys looking at it. Talking about it. You still talking with this French accent, loudly. They think the Zuma painting by Brett Murray is great. They don't particularly like being called idiots. But they are having fun too. They want to know where you are from. You say Little Paris, in Troyeville and then they see right through you and everyone laughs and hugs and parts company but not before a close-up view of the horror.


It's Audinary's last day at AAW! A lot of this wild reccie and French accent is full of love for her. We are finding walls wherever we go, even if they are not right.


I am going to miss this woman. She is going to manage organic farming at the Waldorf in the Deep North. Traitor. Love of my life. Don't let anyone tell you it is not good to work with your friends. They are just jalus.


The walls agree.


We meet a fine lady outside the Central Methodist Church next to the Supreme Court in Pritchard Street. She is the famous Bishop Verryn's personal assistant. She is chopping wood and carrying water. Here we are talking about Jodi's exhibition, art, free expression and the President's little that thing.


Cleopatra is the Queen of All the World. Audrey is shining.


Inside the church we meet a beautiful man by the name of Leothere. He also works for the Bishop. This is his office window. These are his rules.


We are here to ask permission to put up Jodi's show for SHOESHOP remember. Leothaire gives us the Bishop's cell number. SHOESHOP has mail. We meet the Bishop last night and show him all the prints we want to put up on the outside wall. The church is full of people sleeping on the floor on cardboard. Johannes says the smell reminds him of where he used to live. I say it is rank. He says it is not. We meet children and a man I will never forget for the rest of my life. That's another post. Meantime, at lunchtime today, with a blessing on our heads, we are installing for Jodi on the site where hundreds and thousands of refugees from all over Joburg and Africa take shelter from the storm. Come see this brilliant exhibition - Pritchard Street near the Small Street Mall.

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