JOHANNES'S FAVOURITE - Pankop by Thabiso Sekgala


You can go to the ShoeShop in Johannesburg,  6 De Beer Street, Braamfontein (directly opposite POST in the bright green building), to get your own favourite(s) ShoeShop poster for installation wherever you like. As the producers of the public art part of ShoeShop, Johannes Dreyer has been responsible for all the installations for AAW! The dude has that luminous eye - and he is tall, built rather very well, and does not come across like he is scared of anything ... although we know him a bit better than that. Turns out, that Thabiso Sekgala, one of the three South Africans exhibiting as part of the ShoeShop in public space, is a good friend of our Dear Johannes who loves his work. And this particular image is Mr Dreyer's favourite. So he has taken advantage of some overprinting to do a personal installation (like you might like to do), in our Most Favoured Suburb of Troyeville. It's on the corner of Appollonia, Bertram and Bezuidenhout Streets, on the left if you are travelling down towards Standard Bank Arena.


Thabiso is a Sowetan. He complete his intermediate certificate and masterclass in photography at the Market Photo Workshop, which is where he met Johannes all those years ago. In 2010, Thabiso was awarded a Tierney Fellowship and received an honourable mention in the Ernest Cole Award. Last year he was nominated for the Paul Huff Award.


Thabiso says: "As a young photographer I am interested in the social shifts in my communities and in the issues of geographical politics, and the politics surrounding issues of land ownership in South Africa. My work is a study in how young people relate to the land and their landscape. In my ongoing body of work titled Homeland, I use photography to document the former homelands ...


... I am exploring how people have created relationships with their environments and how they identify themselves to them. I believe in the idea of images created by us, the idea of self-imaging and self-imagining."

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