See you sometime, wall. The Shoe Shop exhibition is down for The Cambridge Food Bottom Line Premiere of New Chicken Frames. We think maybe thousands of mense saw Jodie Bieber's journey from Hillbrow to Lindela and on to Mozambique. There was atmosphere on the sidewalk-gallery: people from all over, together reading her statement, seeing themselves and each other and someone they know, making conversation. Children went close-up to the posters to run their fingers on the caption type, speak the words and touch the plastic feel of the prints.


I know a man who was in Lindela recently for long. Now he is out without a piece of paper in the world. He comes from where the war is the dark, right in there, bad.


The Bottom Line is this: we will repair the wall like good soldiers and put the work up again somewhere else, soon. I hope you will go there, to see too.

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