So we are installing SHOE SHOP. And here I am at the exhibition of Jodi Bieber's work outside Cambridge Foods in Pretorius Street and I am having a moment of truth. We have been told to take the work down because we don't have permission for the site. I have explained to the shop manager that we do have permission and I am seen here realising (after many phone calls) that we do indeed have permission - only from an owner who does not own this site. Suffice to say that it is all my fault despite that the aforementioned owner was sent an image of Jodi on the site and he said yes. This is what happens when people do not actually read their mails. However, yes, it is all my fault. We are most fortunate that due to hours of negotiations thereafter, the real owners of Cambridge Foods turn out to be heroic and allow the exhibition to stay up, for now. It is extraordinary how many people are crowding around their shop to see it.


This was taken on the night of the same day of the moment of truth when I had gone back (wearing a suit) to meet the right owner. We are bit very happy and relieved.

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