We are intent on locating poetry in the streets. We see dreams in buildings and sidewalks. Our determination knows no bounds. We love high drama in case you haven't noticed."

artatwork is a specialist project management company working in the arts and creative industries in South Africa and internationally and run by Lesley Perkes.

We offer management and operational services across the spectrum of arts disciplines, with a fish-eye focus on the arts in public places. Our work includes our own projects first, and then, for funders, everything from artists' brief development, creative and commissioning, research, strategic development, operational planning, systems development, fundraising, publicity - conventional and social media - and project management.

artatwork is the most experienced large-scale arts commissioning project management company of its kind in South Africa - offering knowledge and specialist services across arts disciplines,from the visual and performing arts through to poetry, new media and film. We are intensely interested in how the arts can be integrated into neighbourhood and district development, urban regeneration and architecture.

artatwork has developed a real-relationship network of artists working in different sectors throughout South Africa and internationally. The network spans urban and rural practitioners, ranging in age, gender and profile. Young, up and coming artists are constantly identified and commissioned as are more experienced professionals working here at home and globally.

We work well with artists. Usually we love them. We interface between practitioners, the private and public sectors and funding organisations. The company is managed with a healthy combination of experience and fresh risk-taking.

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